A Smallie Smack down trip for Andy
Burdetsky from Nellies Forge, VA
today in Brutal East winds!
Great fly-fishing trip for Bill
Sturgeon from Charlotte, NC today!
Brian Stroud from Troutman, NC
had a great trip today pictured with
two of his best smallies, A 20"
CITATION and a 19"!
Pastor Donn Sunshine and
Koby Cook had a fun trip!
From Greensboro, NC another great fly fishing trip for
Gregg Williamson and a rough start for John Phister
courtesy of Gregg! lol  I got the Popper out of his
forehead and he proceded to landing fish quickly.
Nice trip today with Andy Burdetsky from
Stephen Miklandric from
Chesterfield, VA with a stud
CITATION walleye.
Sammy Howell from Meadows
of Dan, VA with a fat 48"
CITATION muskie.
Sam Cosnotti from Roanoke, VA had a
great walleye trip today including
these two CITATIONS!
Cassell McMillian from Cana. VA can
knock walleye off his bucket list.